Understanding the True Meaning of Healing

Meaning of Healing

Lately, you may often hear the term healing from people around you, so what does healing actually mean? In fact, this term often appears in live chats and on social media. Yes, the term healing tends to be closer to young people. Most people interpret healing as a solution to relieve stress or a burden on the mind by traveling, staycations, vacations to tourist attractions, or doing activities they like, such as watching their favorite movies. Like a word, healing is a reason for people to take a break from their busy routines. But, is it true that the concept of healing is like that, or have we been misinterpreting it all this time? So that you don’t get me wrong, come on, understand the true meaning of healing in the following review!

Healing Is Not An Instant Process

Healing is the process of healing from being injured or injured to being healthy again. The wounds referred to here are not only those that are physically visible, but also includes emotional wounds that make a person psychologically unwell or depressed.

In practice, there are rules for healing. The stages of healing from one person to another can be different because they are adjusted to the problem at hand. It’s important for you to know, basically healing is not a term commonly used in the world of psychology. However, the process of healing from various things that cause trauma. Depression, excessive anxiety, and stress is a topic that is often discussed in psychology studies.

Most likely, one of the reasons most people associate healing with traveling or vacations is that a person experiences stress that can make him mentally disturbed. If so, the person needs rest. Take a break for a moment. Then go somewhere that is judged to improve his mood for the better. You can also do hobbies, such as painting, writing journals, reading books, and making art.

Meanwhile, for people who experience medical illness. Of course, the way of healing is also different. For example, by consulting a doctor, routine therapy, and undergoing intensive care. Such a thing includes healing because its main purpose is self-healing.

Another example is when a person has an unhealthy relationship with a family member or co-worker. In situations like this, a way of healing by going on vacation is considered inappropriate. Instead of solving the problem, it has the potential to cause new problems because it seems to run away.

The right way of healing this situation is to reduce the intensity of the meeting with the person in question for a while until you feel calmer. After that, ventured to start communication. Set the right time to meet in person, then express feelings without emotion. Now, when one of the parties is talking, listen carefully.

Healing Can Be Done Anytime

Now, try to ask yourself, do you feel the need for healing? Perhaps. You have recently experienced an emotionally challenging event or have an urgent physical health problem. If you are in that situation, you can do the healing. Of course. Healing in a way that makes you comfortable is okay.

Technically, healing can be done at any time. Not only when you are sick, but even when you are in good health you sometimes need healing. One of them is mindfulness. This technique aims to focus one’s awareness so that it can acknowledge and accept whatever type of emotion the body is feeling. To achieve this maximum awareness, one is usually advised to meditate regularly, regulate breathing, and sleep regularly.

Mindfulness is also useful for healing feelings of shame or hurt from past rejection. Realizing it or not, it makes many people be too hard on themselves. However, there is no need to complicate yourself. All it takes is acceptance.

Besides that, the best way of healing is to say good words to yourself every day. Write down milestones about self-achievement which. When recalled, have shown positive progress. Don’t forget, it’s best to set boundaries with other people so you can manage your own needs better.

Well, now you understand better, yes, the true meaning of healing. Not just or just going for a walk, vacation, or staycation, you know. But, it’s more about self-healing efforts from problems that affect your mental and physical condition. The point is, to find out the problem first, then determine how to cure it. If you really feel tired of your daily routine. Take your time! Don’t force yourself to finish everything in an instant. Thanks to yourself, then love!