Types of Travelers Based on Personality

Types of Travelers

Every individual has a different personality. These differences affect various aspects of a person’s life, including traveling. Some travel simply for fun and to enjoy life. However, there are also those who travel to find ‘something’ that is meaningful, because, for him in life, there are always interesting things that give meaning. So, for those of you who claim to be adventurous, come on, get to know the types of travelers based on personality, which might be one of them in you. Check out the following discussion

Types Of Travelers Soul Searcher

The first type of traveler is the soul searcher, aka the soul seeker. For this traveler, finding yourself is the main goal of traveling to new places. That is, traveling is a way of self-reflection about life goals. The desire to find solace is also carried out by inspiring the journey that is being traversed, then associating it with spiritual glasses.

From there, new lessons will be learned which hopefully can build a better personality for the soul searcher. This traveler usually prefers solo traveling to remote and serene places. The trip is relaxed and spends a lot of time at the destination.

City Slicker

In contrast to soul searchers, this type of traveler actually likes crowds. Whenever there is an opportunity, the city slicker immediately plans an agenda to ‘escape’ to the middle of the urban bustle. This traveler has a cheerful personality and is obsessed with glamorous cities.

Traveling around the city, photo hunting, shopping, eating delicious food at trendy restaurants, and enjoying the nightlife are activities that are usually carried out by city slickers. Even if given a choice of destinations to go to, this traveler will prioritize rankings of the most metropolitan and prestigious cities.

Culture Vulture

If a city slicker is obsessed with urban luxury, then he is different from someone who travels to a new place to immerse himself in the local cultural values of a place. This type of traveler is called a culture vulture.

You don’t need to be confused to provide recommendations for interesting tourist attractions. It is enough just to tell the region, city, or country that has a high diversity of cultural traditions, historical tourism, and local wisdom. For a culture vulture, being able to feel like the locals – even doing it as a habit – is an important point of traveling.


Starting from a high concern for the environment, an ecotourist is very careful when determining where to go. This type of traveler considers the impact of his trip on the surrounding environment and local communities visited. It’s no wonder that an ecotourist dares to plan a unique adventure to an anti-mainstream place.

Ecotourists hope that the trips they take can provide a greater good for the environment. Interestingly, this type of traveler is willing to stay longer to learn new knowledge about environmental preservation from local people in the places visited. In order to fulfill this desire, eco-tourists can offer themselves as environmental volunteers.

Adventure Seeker

Go beyond the limits, is the motto held by an adventure seeker. So, if you like challenging adventures and are interested in making yourself achieve in conquering every field of the journey, then you are this type of traveler.

For this type of traveler, life always offers two choices, namely a daring adventure or an ordinary one. Adventure seekers can be said to be true daredevils. The higher the risk or challenge from a place, the greater the sensation of the journey that pumps up the feeling of courage within oneself to be greater. If you can conquer it, that is the real achievement.

Well-Planned Traveler

An organized and well-planned trip is the main point of consideration for a well-planned traveler. They don’t like – even avoid – sudden traveling agendas, because they don’t have enough time to get ready. Therefore, they will make a travel itinerary as complete and detailed as possible in advance.

The type of traveler who tends to describe millennial and generation Z personalities is the overland traveler. The adventurer who loves to travel takes off in search of new, limitless experiences. Where the wind takes, there they will go. That’s roughly the picture of an overland traveler or also called an explorer.

So, of the seven types of travelers described above, which one best describes you?