Tips for Planning a Luxury Staycation on a Limited Budget

Luxury Staycation

Enjoying a luxury Staycation doesn’t always have to be with a big budget, let alone going out of town. Now, there is a new trend among the general public for short anti-complicated vacations, namely staycations. Staycation is suitable for those who want a vacation, but don’t have much time, or just want to get rid of boredom from their busy daily activities.

Staycation itself is defined as a vacation that is done at home or a place close to home. Recently, many people have realized a staycation –whether alone or with their family– by staying a few days in a hotel that is comfortable and easily accessible.

However, one thing that is often an important consideration before a staycation at a hotel is budgeting. You certainly don’t want financial posts for other needs to be disrupted because of this plan, do you? So, as an alternative, apply the following luxury staycation tips with a limited budget, come on!

Set Staycation Goals And Priorities Luxurious

The first tip is to convince yourself about the goals and priorities of the staycation. Do you want healing or me-time by prioritizing a calm atmosphere, or are you more interested in enjoying the facilities and services of a five-star hotel? The answer comes back to your own desires.

If you really want a staycation with a minimal budget and hope to meet expectations, it’s best to research the type of hotel and its facilities first, OK?

Booking Hotel From Away

When researching hotels on the internet, you need to make a comparison between prices and the facilities presented. If necessary, choose a hotel that already provides everything in full. So, you don’t have to pay extra. To ensure this, you can check information through the official website or the hotel’s social media accounts.

Later, after getting a hotel that is worth it for future staycation destinations, it would be better to book immediately. Apart from not being fully booked, usually one of the advantages of booking a hotel in advance is being able to get the cheapest price.

Choose A Staycation Time For Weekdays

Ideally, a staycation is done on weekends –Saturday and Sunday. Especially for those who work from Monday to Friday. But, on the one hand, what is being considered is hotel prices on weekends tend to be more expensive than on weekdays. So, to work around this, there’s nothing wrong if you take 1-2 days off on weekdays, like Monday and Tuesday.

If you want to keep your staycation activities productive. Meaning you don’t just spend time relaxing–, you can invite some friends to accompany you while staying at the hotel. Then, together do exciting activities by utilizing existing facilities.

Take Advantage Of Hotel Promos

Tips for a staycation in a classy hotel to be more economical, one of which is by looking at opportunities, in this case, namely promos. For hotel reservations, you can make a reservation by contacting the relevant hotel. Or, you can also book hotels through trusted online travel agents.

So, before ordering through a travel agent, first, check the hotel promos that are present every month. Usually, there is also an additional discount from certain payment methods. That way, you can get cheaper hotel prices.

Bring Snack From Home

Each hotel provides a variety of dishes ranging from asian to Western dishes. The taste is definitely delicious because it is prepared by a professional cook. However, if you are one of those who often snack, you should bring food or snacks from home to save money.

Actually, the hotel also provides various snacks that you can order and will be delivered directly to your room. It’s just that, for some people, the price of snacks at hotels is quite expensive with portions that are not filling. Instead of having to leave the hotel to look for snacks and make additional expenses, it’s better to just prepare everything before starting the staycation. More worth it, right?

Those are tips for planning a luxury staycation with a limited budget that can be implemented.