Get to Know Daycation, Short Vacation Concept


Previously, you have discussed various terms in traveling. Like getting to know daycation, friend captions, gray nomads, road trips, halal travel, Muslim-friendly tourism, and many more. In this article, we will discuss a term that is also closely related to the world of traveling, namely daycation.

Have you ever heard of the term daycation? Hmm, it seems that this one term is still quite foreign to the ears of Indonesian travelers, huh? To find out more about what a daycation is, come on, see the following explanation!

Get To Know  Daycation Of Meaning And Meaning

Daycation comes from two words in English, namely ‘day’ means day and ‘vacation’ means holiday. From the origin of the word, according to the Macmillan Dictionary, a daycation is a day trip or a short vacation to a place that is not far from home and does not need to spend the night. The main purpose of a daycation refers to relaxing activities and enjoying ‘me time’ in any way you like.

In accordance with the meaning of a daycation, the concept of this one vacation does not require a person to travel far. Just need to find the nearest place that can be driven for a few hours so that it is possible to go home before nightfall. Apart from that, the location also fulfills your needs for refreshing and healing.

Daycation Concept

Actually, the concept of daycation is not new. However, it seems that in the 21st century. The term daycation has begun to be widely used as the term staycation has become increasingly popular among tourists. Especially those who like to invite their family or closest people for a vacation at a hotel –.

In a number of countries, daycations are often called day trips because the concept really leads to one-day trips. Most tourists do daycations on weekends, namely Saturday or Sunday. The most frequently chosen places are museums, libraries with unique architecture, and local entertainment attractions.

However, it is possible that daycations can be carried out on weekdays. This can be the choice of workers who feel they are too workaholic so they need time off to refresh their minds and pamper their bodies that have been working hard.

So in short, a daycation is a daycation concept to simply enjoy the day on the sidelines of being busy by visiting a place you want. Even though daycations are basically done in your own city, you can also make it happen outside the city. For example, going out of town by selecting the first flight schedule, then returning to your hometown on an afternoon flight.

However, if you only have limited time, then it’s enough to choose a place that can be reached in just a few hours from home. A one-day staycation at a hotel can also be an alternative to a daycation.

So, are you interested in doing a daycation? Hopefully, you can get a new, pleasant experience, yes.