Free Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Free Tourist Attractions

Free Tourist Attractions in Singapore, Perfect for Backpackers! – Talking about holidays, of course, this activity has become a necessity for those who really want to spend the weekend or have a long red traveling. And of course, many of them have to prepare for their vacation properly, such as calculating the budget, choosing what to bring, and of course travel accommodations.

But you know what? If it turns out that you can enjoy a vacation in several free tourist attractions in Singapore. Of course, this is a breath of fresh air as well as a reference for backpackers who are planning a vacation to the White Lion City ahead of the end of this year’s holidays. What is the list of tourist attractions?

Merlion Park Free Tourist Attractions

Being one of the iconic tourist destinations in Singapore, Merlion Park is a park where you can capture the moment in front of the White Lion fountain statue which is an icon of the City of Singapore. And don’t be surprised if you arrive here, there will be many travelers or tourists who just stop by or take pictures here.

Jewel Changi Airport

Being one of the new tourist destinations in Singapore, Jewel Changi Airport itself is the final destination for tourists. This interesting spot from Jewel Changi Airport is indeed quite unique, where you can find an indoor waterfall which is in the highest category in the world.

Apart from that, the location is also in the terminal of Singapore Changi International Airport, which certainly amazes visitors who are waiting for a plane to depart, or just transiting in a few hours.

Gardens by The Bay

Being one of the largest natural tourist destinations in Singapore, Gardens by The Bay is a shame for you to miss when you come here. This tourist destination will amaze your eyes with supertrees which are giant trees that stand majestically on the beach.

Not only that, but in the evening you can also enjoy music performances and lights that adorn the bottom of the supertrees.

Helix Bridge

Furthermore, there is the Helix Bridge which is a unique bridge, with a building shape similar to human DNA that connects Marina Center to Marina South.

In addition to the unique shape of the building. At night the bridge is decorated with colorful lights against the backdrop. Of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the ArtScience Museum which would be a shame if not captured on a cellphone camera.

Treetop Walk

Finally, there is the Treetop Walk, which in Indonesia is similar to the Rengganis Suspension Bridge. This bridge itself connects the two highest points in Singapore, namely Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang, with a charming view of the forest, of course.

Has a length of about 250 meters with a height of about 25 meters above ground level. Of course, the view that is presented is a shame if it is not captured.

And that was the free tourist destination in Singapore, which could be your destination for backpackers. Which one do you think will be your first destination?