6 Tips for Efficient Packing for Traveling

Efficient Packing

Do you like messing around with backpacks or suitcases that are full when traveling? There must be something wrong with the packing. It cannot be denied that there are many things that you must bring when traveling. So many, sometimes carrying one suitcase or backpack just isn’t enough. Therefore you have to efficient packing

But, calm down. Because there are many ways to organize the contents of your backpack or suitcase so that traveling is more comfortable, you know. Curious. Check directly below, come on!

Efficient Packing for Clothes

One of the problems with a full bag or suitcase is the number of clothes loaded. However, no matter how many clothes you carry, if the folding method is inefficient, it won’t fit.

So, to be efficient, you can fold clothes by pulling the bottom of the clothes up a little. When done, the middle is folded before you roll it from the top.

Long Trousers Become a Base

Trousers will definitely take up more space. So, to be efficient, you can use trousers as a base for loading clothes, you know.

Underwear Question

If you can usually put your underwear in between small bags, then use the shoes that you carry to make it more efficient. Between shoes, you can fit 2-3 underwear. Don’t forget to plasticize it, OK?

Take Advantage Of The Soflens Site

If you have plans to go to the beach or to areas with extreme weather, you must bring lotion and sunscreen. Especially for women. But, don’t bring the bottles with you, OK? Just use an unused contact lens case to put your sunscreen and lotion in. You don’t need much, just a cup!

Collect Emergency Money And Medicines

If you’re traveling, don’t forget to bring medicines, OK? So that it’s not complicated, you put it in a small box. Apart from that, you can also include spare cash in case you need it later.

Bring 2 Pouch

If you bring gadgets, you will definitely need a place to store bald boxes, earplugs to charger cables, or peripherals to power banks. Well, here its function is to unite everything so it doesn’t fall apart, you know.

The other one is for storing make-up and the contact lens case earlier. Everything stay put in the backpack